Wednesday, September 8, 2010

i'm going to start this off with a little bit about me, brought to you by the anonymity of formspring.


where do you see yourself in 5 years?

still living in new york, working way too much at a job i adore, and coming home to my puppy, my boyfriend, and a bottle of wine.

when you look in the mirror what do you see?

usually bed head.

whats your biggest flaw?

there are a lot. mainly: i'm overly-ambitious, extremely impatient, and can be unnecessarily judgmental, mostly of myself. i also think way more about my future than i do my present. my head is in the clouds.

east coast or west coast? why?


do you have any tattoos?

if you don't already know, then you probably shouldn't.

how big are your boobs?

small. and i like them that way.

I love your clothes. SO MUCH. Who would you say is your biggest style inspiration, or do you try and make things all your own?

thank you! i take inspiration from literally everywhere, especially now that i live in nyc, which is the absolute mecca of art, expression, and personal style. i couldn't ever say that something is all my own because i think that everyone's sense of style is a branch off of someone else's, whether they know it or not. i think in the end i try to balance recreating stuff i see on the street and in magazines and making it my own to get the look i want. really, i could talk about this for days, and tomorrow i might answer differently.

who is someone youve drifted away from that you wish you were closer to? or someone you hate that you wish you didnt hate?

anyone i hate, i definitely have good reason to hate. i'm not an unforgiving person, but i am a pretty good judgement of character. there's a reason why were not friends, and that's okay. i don't need many friends, i just need GOOD ONES (which i definitely have). and for those who have drifted, there's plenty of time to reconnect. and when the time comes, i'm sure it will rock.

champagne or wine?


what is the most important lesson you have learned this year?

that life is a cement trampoline.

people seem to define you on your fashion sense and slight build alone. what else defines you?

well to over-flowing ambition, my love for musical theater, my stubbornness, my ability to persuade, my inability to answer my phone, and my adoration for my friends, family, puppy, and boyfriend.

what's your biggest fashion faux-pas?

anything too small.

ask me anything!

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