Monday, April 21, 2014


 photo b9d6057ea2ea95a5aa6816ea51ad4158_zps79fa7703.jpg photo 17f4257241984bc6598580eee9148b1a_zps702fb649.jpg
 photo d1ebf6d34c838a5dfc0ef2995b9415cc_zps89d59a39.jpg photo 1969403fb7f1ce8997dca3604edb84f4_zps72492e8b.jpg
 photo b1bdd7c4691bedce578a9a20e9db8ecf_zps26a3d6d8.jpg photo f4ef66c76b6c5c0cc2ec7602317f1115_zpse2370047.jpg

all my stuff is on it's way to storage (save for a suitcase, wifi and pinot). currently, i'm typing on the floor of my bed-less bedroom, imagining my next looking something like this. i've gone through 2 moves with you all, i can't wait to start and share this next adventure! cheers to change x


  1. I like the open concept of this living space.The look creates warmth and there seems to be energy bouncing off all the pieces on the wall,well put together i must say.I am going to be using some of your lavish style in my new apartment.Great work.

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